The Satellite’s Purpose

What has to stop
for the satellites to quit doing
what they do?
What knows its own fate
and realizes its own consciousness?

What is beamed by the satellites?
What is lost?

What constructs the Universe’s reverberances?
What reverberates in your heart right now?
Your head being a reverberate point
between the bouncing ions
and the colors that are sequenced.

The Satellite God speaks to you.
It does what it will.
And the jugs of sweet tea are on sale,
the jugs of sweet tea are on sale.
You have a vacation coming up soon.
What has to take place for the vacations
to quit happening?

What has to walk towards What?
In What direction,
towards What place,
What family meeting area,
for What purpose?

Poetry by W.T. tuqMairtin

Correspondence Con NORAD

Are you lonely out there?
Seven-fourths T K one
eaten a hole in your memory,
how quickly we forget,

Rome is but a falter of mythology,

entertain thee, for this I have inserted a code
between the seventh letter of every entrance

to press a button or watch a screen
as every other one of us, us Americans

depend on this this much,
the selling.

The smells you smell right now could be sterile,

you’ve fought so much, so much of your life
to protect
what you turn off in magazines.

Dare not walk away from a master or
master volume.

DAR . . . DAR . . . DAR

his asshole has dingleberries
inside the navy blue shitters.

– Poetry by Wes tewkMehrtin
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