I ordered a new entry into U.I.
I definitely ordered a new entry into U.I.
In the house.
And walking through outer space.
I wanted to walk outside
to the live oak tree.
I wanted to talk outside
to the live oak tree.
I wanted to talk.
Where is your manager?
I wanted to walk.
But I couldn’t.
Throw that thing from minutes ago
in the trash.
Throw and tumble.
What the hell is the concept of trash?
I was just mind, all mind.
Drifting towards our solar star.
Our solar star knows painted cars.
Cars; what the hell is the concept of trash?
Tossing and tumbling with our Universe.
Our Universe knows rotation.
Our Universe grows with rotation.
A spiraling kinda thing.
Well, look at how genetic code grows.
Our Universe knows
I ordered a new entry into U.I.
And now it comes calling.
Now it comes calling.
Tune in Tokyo.
Honda and Toyota.
I have tits.
Honda and Toyota
you did this to me.
I have form, new form.
Luscious, pearl,
candy apple red.
That’s my soul.
Down there.
That’s our soul.

From Oak Grove To Field

I go from the oak grove
into the light.

The moonlight over the field
of tallgrass.

As a prayer.
To be filled.
Felt, fallen, bathed, and cast.
All in one moment.

Only something
could do that.

I’m not even sure
I can grasp it.
I just do. I try to live.

Literally, the human being.

While there is so much
happening alongside being,
too dimensional for beingness.

Like I said; a prayer.

Some kind of ionization.
Something electromagnetic.

Into minimal light.
Oak tree stark winter neuronal limbs
Into a vast, vast ocean:
        the calculus of consciousness
        Physicists have yet to decipher.
Though my heart drives me to pray,
to give thanks to the eternal moment.

The thing recognizing itself.