Industrial Night

After the industrial music
at the gay dance club
the industrial dyke
took me
back to her loft.
The chains on her leather jacket
rattled with the city sounds
and the bells waiting in my mind
as we walked to her place and she
held my hand firmly.
She put hard music on
once we were inside.
Again, it was hard.
Her place was just off the Drag,
within siren song of the state Capitol.
She told me to
stand up against the brick wall,
facing towards the brick wall.
Then she told me to trust her
and her earthen perfume
kissed the soft skin of
my neck.
That was trust personified,
angelic being for a simple mortal,
a fissure in time.
She then ripped
my dress off
and instructed me to
“pop my ass up in the air”.
My perky tits and ass
found a purpose…
a purpose no woman, man,
or gender queer
had before ever given them.
She proceeded to do
things to me for hours
that I can’t really write about.
I felt ripe after, like a juiced fruit,
all my fluids everywhere,
spilled and drained.
It smelled like a festival of
springtime flowers,
scents of minerals and virginal
young women
spilled on the concrete floor…
and, and, and
her scent of leather.
All my karma and souls
now reset,
with the angels again in the
sunshine this morning.

These are new things here.
New things for the future.
A proper future,
a future
where the women of America
f@$k the absolute hell
out of each other in freedom
and security.
Where the women of America
have a chance at actually living.

Yes. USA! USA!

We’re coming.

New Luxury Apartments

For hundreds of millions of years
the cliffs above the South San Gabriel River
stood with white rocks, tallgrass, and
old curled oak trees.

But coming this fall
will replace all that
where engineers with halitosis
who design military weaponry
for the largest employer in the county,
play video games,
watch sports at chain sports bars,
buy seventy inch TVs,
vacation on cruises,
and eat lots of cereal and bulk bags of
beef jerky from Costco
to perfect a certain stale fecal scent
on their breath
that soon the beige sheetrock walls
will have the pleasure of absorbing.

– Poetry by W.T. tuqMairtin

Just A Texas Girl

Well, she tried moving to New York

and she tried moving out to L.A.

but along the way she found
something else she had to say

and that’s that she’s just a Texas girl

. . . just a Texas girl.

Although she was born a little boy

in her travels and her pain

she found the greatest truth in the world

and that’s that she’s just a Texas girl

just a Texas girl
just a Texas girl

just . . . a . . . Texas . . . girl.