With My Brassiere

Go easy over my hips
with my brassiere
pull it down
in this poetry of the moonlight
bathed and breathing
your breath and the night
your eyes speak gentle things

I am your soft girl
waiting with the Universe
to explode
always waiting a billion years
your eyes and the moonlight

You look at me and we know
we only know with our eyes
what two women and
billions of years can only know
these revolutions
these normal ways

Go easy over my hips
with my brassiere
my dear
make this last what
cannot last
my dear
make our fine craft
curved lips to curved lips

Pinball Queener

(for cm)

Exactly how good are you

at pinball?

I really want to know.

Are you good enough to

make me know.

I really want you to

make me know.

Right there on the machine.

You standing watchfully.

Taking some cool breaths.

On the machine.

Pulling the plunger.

Flicking those flippers.

Oh ringing the golden bells.

Just making those lights

bling bling.

I would like to see those lights

bling bling

on the milk white skin of

your thighs

alternating over that contrast of

your black tattoos

and up on your Irish fair eyes.

Also on your black lipstick.

Flash flash.

Bling bling.