When You Kiss Me

When you kiss me,
yes, it’s luscious, succulent, sensual,
calming, inspiring, breathtaking.
But what I haven’t said
is that when you kiss me
I can see that kiss on my or your
if we get that chance.
It seems to fit there.
And I’ve never felt or seen
anyone’s kiss in that manner.
So I’m not sure exactly what to call it
when I feel that when we kiss.
I guess that’s what I’ll call this poem.
I’ve never known love where
I could or wanted to see
myself or the other person
in elderly life or terminally ill,
but for some reason I have with you.
I don’t know why, I just have.
I mean, I know why I never experienced
this before.
It is, or was, called fear of love.
But I don’t know why now,
I’m experiencing it with you.
Maybe you know?


I ordered a new entry into U.I.
I definitely ordered a new entry into U.I.
In the house.
And walking through outer space.
I wanted to walk outside
to the live oak tree.
I wanted to talk outside
to the live oak tree.
I wanted to talk.
Where is your manager?
I wanted to walk.
But I couldn’t.
Throw that thing from minutes ago
in the trash.
Throw and tumble.
What the hell is the concept of trash?
I was just mind, all mind.
Drifting towards our solar star.
Our solar star knows painted cars.
Cars; what the hell is the concept of trash?
Tossing and tumbling with our Universe.
Our Universe knows rotation.
Our Universe grows with rotation.
A spiraling kinda thing.
Well, look at how genetic code grows.
Our Universe knows
I ordered a new entry into U.I.
And now it comes calling.
Now it comes calling.
Tune in Tokyo.
Honda and Toyota.
I have tits.
Honda and Toyota
you did this to me.
I have form, new form.
Luscious, pearl,
candy apple red.
That’s my soul.
Down there.
That’s our soul.

Made Beautiful

You were made beautiful.

And I have been sent
to unmake you
so the beauty that originally
made you
can be made again in you.

You were made beautiful.
Water from a spring
for humanity.
But the metals of men
polluted you.
Though there in your skin
the water runs true.
Just when I see you
I drink you
and refresh you
with the renaissance of
the electrification of heaven.
My sweetest blue eyes,
your eyes carry memories
of your making.
I’m quenched.
You quench thus forward.

Turned ancient sojourn of
matter from heaven to
it’s you.