Jean À Paris

John’s going to go to
Paris in the Spring.

Do that sort of parisien thing.

The eating of chocolate,
baguettes and cheese,

the wearing of berets, stripes,
and mingling in the streets.

He shipped his chaise lounge
over the seas
so he can kick back and
relax under trees.

John’s going to go to
Paris in the Spring.

Poetry by W.T. tuqMairtin

3 thoughts on “Jean À Paris

  1. What is your “en” for ? To look French ? In French people say “Jean à Paris”, never “en” for a city .
    Is “Parissean” supposed to be French ? It is “parisien”, and not capitalized .
    “Une chaise longue”, because “lounge” is not a French word .
    Nobody wears a beret and stripes on French clothes only exist in American children’s beliefs . .


    1. Yeah, the poem is a parody of Americanized stereotypes of the French written in a childish rhyme on purpose. It’s a riff on the generic American tourist perspective. Thanks for your language advice.


      1. You mean you made a parody to make fun of some people but you knew reality by yourself ? If so, sorry for my expression of annoyment . It came after dozens of non-parodic posts and it was not accurate for once . Take care .

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