Girl Raised On Olive Oil

hooking up
with a girl
raised on
olive oil.
She asked me
if the stones
at her feet
I had cast.

mistake me
for a
civil engineer
of the Roman Army,
I prefer
to remain
I was never proud
of my
conquering heritage.

Who cast
the obsidian
of her pupils?
I am
of them.

Who poured
the water
that sweats
from her feet?

– Poetry by W.T. tuqMairtin
lovers of the century thumbnail image Lovers Of The Century (poetry book)

5 thoughts on “Girl Raised On Olive Oil

      1. You’re more than welcome and thank you! Knowing that you think my stuff is high quality makes me feel super proud since I love your writing style. I am browsing LOTC right now; thanks again for that since I was looking for a new book to read today. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. What are you talking about? that was yesterday.
        God, I’m 24 but I already feel ancient.

        Will do, thank you!


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